Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Little sprout

Our little bean is still growing at light speed. She is quite adorable I might add. All her new words and little actions are getting funnier by the day. She continues to crack us up all the time. She has had quite the winter of sickness and we are truly looking forward to a healthy spring and summer. She is finally finishing up with her cough/cold and her double pink eye is all cleared up now. Praise the Lord that those are over. Sick babies break my heart! As seen in this lovely picture, Gracie has finally let mom start putting her crazy hair up and out of her eyes. It took quite a bit of convincing but now she seems to be ok with it most of the time. She looks like such a little girl to me now. No more baby.

She has also started to point at mommy's tummy and say "Babeeeee". How cute is that. I don't think she knows the implications of what that means but hey, shes only one! We have had good blessings so far with baby Hos. He/She is growing well and mommy feels tons better. The belly bulge is in full effect and that is weird again. How quickly we forget the joys of pregnancy! We hpe this finds you all wel this snowy season, stay warm and healthy. Loves!


Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

Love'n the sprout!! :) Only 50 days until SUN!!! According to the O.K.B.G.S.C
(Official Katie Bibler Gulf Shores Countdown)
Glad that everyone in your household are well again. Wish I could say that for us. ;)

The Burkholder Family said...

The top pic cracks me up - her little belly and fabulous hair says it all. Bring on the beach and bikinis baby...uh, I mean big girl!

Aubrey said...

She's too cute! Aw, Trace, it's so great to see how she's growing (through the pictures) and too hear how her little personality is growing,too! I can't believe she's gotten so big! (Wow, I really sound like an old adult when I say that...)

The Hansen's said...

Love the pose Gracie Rae, You go Girl!!

Anonymous said...

are you ok to cross the state line with out an updated green card