Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Operation Kidney One- Complete!

Praise the Lord, Jamie had his surgery yesterday and it was a success. They were able to remove the entire kidney, tumor and fatty tissue capsule that surrounds it in one piece. This is a good sign that there was no tumor anywhere but the kidney. We will play the waiting game with the results from pathology until Saturday or Monday. He is now to remain in the hospital until the blood thinners can become therapuetic and so they can watch him to make sure he doesn't bleed from his surgical sites. So Sunday or Monday will be the earliest that he could come home. Please keep praying that he remains comfortable as he is now and that he does not get too bored. He is a man on the go usually so this is torture for him. Thanks so much for the notes, emails, prayers, thoughts and visits. You are all priceless in helping get him, and all of us, through this. Loves! More updates to come later on.


Matt, Jen, and Addison said...

Glad to hear that things went good with the surgery. Your family will be in our prayers.