Thursday, February 22, 2007

Congratulations to my best friend Jen!

Yahoo! My best friend Jen and her husband Dan are expecting a child that is due in August! A summer baby. I am just thrilled to death for her. They are so excited to be parents and I can't wait to share the experience of motherhood with her. I love you guys and could not be any more thrilled!!! Now if you could please move back from St. Louis that would be even more perfect. This picture is of them and Gracie in early January when they came here to meet her. It was a great time to visit and I can't believe that she kept her pregnancy a secret while she was here.


Jill & Drew said...

hello - luv all of gracies cute PICTURES!!!! Well we are going to attempt to update our blog : ) Hope everything is going well down there. Looks like lil hosford is growing !