Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jonah Babe

What a peach! We love you bunches and bunches Jonah and had so much fun playing on Sunday. You are getting so big and learning so much. It was so much fun to see your litlle personality in all you do. You give us so much joy!We are so greatful to have you in our lives to love and care for. You are so handsome and we can't wait for you to grow into an amazing young man. Lots of love and kisses, Uncle Dan and Auntie Tracy


Anonymous said...

Yes, dearest little man, you are a HUGE blessing in our lives and we love you so much!! Cant wait to see your reaction to Gracie when she makes her appearance! It will be such fun to see the interaction between the two as they both get bigger. Lots of love Jonah!!

Grandma C.

Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

Can't wait for you guys to experience the amazing gift of having a child. It makes you love like no other!!!! :) Thanks for loving Jonah so much!! He love u too!