Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just over a month!!!!

Well here we go now. Probably the last phase of belly pics to post. We have just abrely over one month left to wait for our baby girl. She is due to arrive in under five weeks or so. We are just thrilled to pieces and can't wait. Her room is ready for her and so are we! I am pretty excited about how the pregnancy has gone up to this point. I count my blessing that she and I have done so well together. Nothing of note to have worried about and she is big and healthy to this point. Only a few more weeks to grow together and get to know each other better. What a blessing to have been sharing a body for the last months with my daughter. We are definitely bonded and that is so special. So here are the pics of her in her cozy belly home. Not the best quality but it gives the idea. Loves and many thanks to all of you family and friends who have supported us so much through this adventure and prayers that we continue to be blessed by you all as we learn how to be the best parents possible for little Gracelyn Rae.


Aubrey said...

I can't believe it's so soon! But the tummy doesn't lie. Such cute photos, by they way, my dear.

I'm looking forward to my next time at home (currently unknown as to when) and seeing little Gracie and her parents! Love you, dear!