Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Harvest Fest 06

What a bunch of hotties!! We had a blast in Gaylord, MI this past weekend for our annual Harvest get together. So much fun to chill out with wonderful company. Lots of laughs and planty of relaxation was had by all. The weather was beautiful for Sat and then cold and snowy on Sun. Good thing we carved our pumpkins on Sat! The pumpkins were a riot and some of them are not rated for blog viewing :) but congrats to Sean and Kelli who won for their National Geographic picture carving. Here's a pic of all us ladies who were present. The men aren't much for pictures.

Then their is the baby brigade pictures. Here's a pic of us from just beginning to all the way done. Leanne Deyoung, Jill Spanding, ME, Kelli and baby Jonah. Remember everyone, this is what making out can lead to!!


Matt & Jen said...

You are all so the cutest pregos ever. So jealous I couldn't have been there with you guys!! I miss you all so much.

Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh! It's an epidemic back home. Everyone's getting pregnant. Leanne and Jill now, too?

You girls are way too cute and will have so much fun being mommies together. I'll tap on your kids to babysit mine someday. Er, if I ever get married, of course.

Love you, Trace, and enjoy the chilly fall!

Aubrey said...

P.S. Trace, your hair looks really dark! Did you die it or is that just a trick of the light?

Rob, Tiece, Madisyn, and Baby #2 said...


I randomly came across your blog and you look absolutely adorable! Congratulations on being pregnant! I am thrilled for you and Dan! Hopefully we'll run into you soon! Take care dear!

Leticia (Grandia) Dykema