Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Well it's about time I updated a belly picture and I thought I would bring along some friends. Here is Leanne at approx 11 weeks, Jill at 18 weeks, and then there is me large and in charge at 29 weeks. This pic was Sat afternoon. Today, Wednesday, we had another ultrasound. Gracie was more cooperative because she has less room to move around. She officially has all her parts and they are all perfect. She also has hair on her head already- we could see the fuzzy stuff on the ultrasound. COOL! She is healthy and growing speedily, sucking the life out of me more and more every day but I am loving it thoroughly. Must cut down on working a bit now, not less days but only eight hour shifts at a time. Whatever it takes to get her here safely. We are t-minus ten weeks now so we are getting everything on order. So much fun! Loves and Kicks from Gracie to you all!!


Aubrey said...

Cute little Gracie! Any doubts that she'd be perfect? Ten more weeks... I can't wait to see a ton of pictures of her. I love you Trace. I'm so eminently sorry that I'm not there to be with you for your experience. Love you,

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

YEH! We are so happy that out little niece is happy and healthy. We need to keep mommy healthy now! No more freaky fainting geeeshh....:)
Love you guys!

Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

Nice Tracy.... I love the pictures, looking forward to Saturday! Love u sister.

The Bibler's said...

You may look large and in charge in this pic, but you still look beautiful and beamin' happy! We love and Gracie too!