Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well its official now..!!!

We had an ultrasound today to confirm our pregnancy. We have a 3mm child with a heart beat of 123 bpm. It only weighs about as much as an eyelash now but its growing at super speed in the next few weeks. Yeah us, we have a tiny tiny tot. Two of our babies could fit on an american dime. So small, and yet we love it so much already. God is great!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and Tracy:
Yeah! So happy for you for your tiny, tiny tot! Yes, God is good and we are so happy for both of you!! (And for US as well, of course!!)

Bunches of love

Aubrey said...

Hi guys!
I am so excited for both of you. How incredible that you can already hear the heart beating, with how tiny it is!!! God's mind is so incredible; it's such a miracle for both of you.
Love you both, mommy and daddy Hosford!
Your friend,

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

We are so stink'n excited! Can't wait to meet that little sweet pea. Love you both!

Carlsons said...

We can't wait! I am so anxious to know if Jonah will have a little boy cousin or girl?????? God is good!