Sunday, April 30, 2006

Madilyn Adele's Baptism

Maddie poo got baptised last night at Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church. She was an absolute trooper and was slightly confused at times why everyone she knows was all there at the same time. She didn't know who to look at first. When the preist was sprinkling the water on her head she really just wanted to dive right in. What a sassy pants she is. She was so innocent looking in her beautiful knit dress. What a beautiful girl you are Madilyn. Dan is her Godfather now and Rebekah is her Godmother. What a responsibilty he has taken on but couldn't be happier to be the chosen Godfather. We love you to pieces Maddie and hope that ear infection clears up soon.


Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

A HUGE thank you to the both of you as we know that you will be wonderul christian influences on Maddie. Now that Dan is "The Godfater" he will need to buff up on his Marlon Brando impersonation. Love you both so much!

Kris and Leanne said...

Tracy! You look SO happy in this picture! You know what they say, "What's going on on the inside, shows on the outside". One look at ya and anyone can see how much you love your Madilyn!