Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer beauty

OK so we definitely need a new picture on this blog than a hot, sweaty preggo for sure. Here is a recent pic of our summer beauty. Gracie Rae is almost 18 months old already. Growing like a weed and even starting to loose her buddah belly and sprout up taller. She is still a solid girl but as she grows she is less chubby and more athletic looking. Oh how fast this childhood thing goes. We are absolutely loving all the new things she is learning and teaching us daily. She is quite the little talker. Dan and I cracked up this past week as we were reading that "18 month olds should be using around ten words and that their favorite word is usually NO" We realized that Gracie uses over 80 words that we can count and more often than not she uses them in full- or almost full- sentences. Scholorship child :) However, she is right on traget with her favortie one being NO. as long as she is the one using it and not Mom and dad :)We can't wait to see how she will be as a "Big Shisher" to Olivia in less than eight weeks :)Enjoy the sun!


The Segards said...

Thank you, thank you, a bagillion thank yous. I will update this silly thing as soon as I have a darn moment. I would love for you to come over and show me. Lets set up a date for your fam to come over and hang out and do our favorite thing... EAT!!!! Love Ya, RaeRae
Gracie is sooooo gorgeous! Can't wait to see the new one !:)