Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Who me?? You want me to say cheese?? Holy moly- check out those baby blues!
Our baby is more and more a BIG girl these days. She is feeling much better and the sass is back in full force. Time out is a wonderous thing however, and since the initiation of that we have had a little girl that listens much better now- for the most part ;)
She just doesn't even look like a baby anymore. Where has the time gone? She will be a sister in just 10 weeks or less. WOW!!!! We love you bunches Gracie Rae- you bring us more joy than we can comprehend and we are SO blessed to be your parents.


Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

Ok...that lower picture...HOLY CRAP, she looks OLD!! OUR BABIES!!!!

8 1/2 weeks...that's what I say. ;) Loves

The Bibler's said...

OK, Gracelyn Rae...could you possibly get ANY cuter?!?!?!!? Love you lots, and we'll see you at Maddie's party on Saturday!! :)