Monday, May 12, 2008

School fun!

Gracie just absolutely loves being at school on Mondays and Fridays. She spends half days twice a week at Milestones child development center so mommy can work. It has been the best thing for our family. Reasonable rates, the BEST teachers in town who love Gracie with all their hearts, fun kids, small class sizes, and a great curriculum that keeps Gracie interested and learning something new everytime she goes. It was a hard decision initially, but by Gods blessing we have come to decide that this is the best thing for us.

Last week Gracie's class was learning about different sensory experiences. They got to strip down to their diapers and play with shaving cream at the table. She was so overjoyed at the mess she was allowed to make.
They also had sno cone day the previous week when the weather was unseasonably warm. She enjoyed the taste, texture, and temperature experience this provided. Thank you Milestones for being such a caring, loving, and fun environment for our sweetie to learn in.


Jill,Drew, Ella too... said...

sounds very fun for Gracie - That is so cool they have a little school like that babes that young!