Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fun times, Busy times!

We haven't updated in a while. Sorry! We are doing fantastic but staying rather busy. Marley has fit into our family quite perfect and he and Gracie are truly best buds. He is a great puppy and we love him to pieces. He was groomed last week by our sister Kellie (amazing job she did) and he looks SUPER cute now. A ball of energy which fits our baby girl just fine.

Gracie is superb, she grows each day more than we can imagine and we are trying to catch each moment and enjoy it to the full. She has many new tricks up her sleeves and loves to entertain us with them. She is fully walking ALL over the place. Hard to keep up with her much of the time. She loves to ask for things with sign language and say "please", she tries to repeat words we say, she waves "hi" and "bye" , she gives kisses when asked, she also Chats up a storm. No real words yet but talking non stop- I have NO idea who she got that fabulous trait from:)

Dan and I are keeping busy with work, no big changes there. We spend lots of time together with family and friends and are really striving to live intentional lives and not miss all the blessings each day provides. We are spending as much time as possible loving on and enjoying the blessing of our little Gracie Rae- she brings such joy to our lives.

God bless you all as you enjoy your family and friends this week and Count your blessings this holiday season. Loves!


Rachel said...

I love that you are doing Sign Lanugage with Gracie! I'll have to come over soon to test her little skills! :) I hope you guys have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Kris & Leanne said...

sure do miss you guys!
- L

Heath said...

So good to hear you all are doing good. I have been so amazed at the pictures of Gracie and how fast she is growing up. Miss you all.