Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super Ram Fan!

Friday night fun in the Hosford home often includes Ram Football. Gracie and her daddy went to support the Rams last night. Mommy had to work but she thought that Gracie was the cutest little super fan and HAD to take some pics.
Our little sweet pea is growing so fast and she is SOOOOOOO fun. We just adore her sweet little soul. She is VERY happy and fun to be with all the time. She was Great at the game and enjoyed her late night out with daddy.


The Bibler's said...

We had so much fun w/ Gracie at the game! She is the perfect Ram Fan, and she sure cheered for Brogan! Can't wait until the next game...:)

Uncle Aukin and Aunt KK

Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

So fun! I love her outfit. You are the cutest little girl ever Gracie. xoxoxox from aunt Kelli

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

Gracie had a blast and was cute as ever. Next year the two of them will own that field. :) Hugs girly.

Rob, Leticia, Madisyn & Landon said...

She is SO stinkin' adorable! Seriously. :) And I can't believe I started reading about her when she was born and she looks so old now!

Travis & Kristi Catt said...

Holy cow...she is getting so big! We're so excited we get to see you this weekend! Golf baby!