Monday, November 07, 2005

Visit to Cali

Well I (Tracy) went on a trip to Cali to see my ailing grandfather. I went with my dad and we had a great time. It was an interesting time because I realized that this may be the last time I would see him. We now know that he has Lymphoma all over his body but that there is some treatment that mightt help for awhile. He was feeling pretty good when we arrived and as you can see he looks great. He is such an amazing man and has such a legacy to leave that it is bittersweet to know he won't be here forever. So very sad. Well at least he knows he will be seated at the right hand of God. What a life he has lead. What a wonder and blessing that God has shared him for so long. We love you Grandpa. You are the example to live by. Enjoy the rest of the journey however long it may be.