Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy March

Such a happy girl. Our 7 month old "baby" is almost always happy. She will let you know when she is not BUT that is rarely compared to how content she is just to be a part of this world. She loves to be around the main attraction though. She gets bored when her sissy isn't around to entertain her:)

And entertain she does. What a trip this 2 year old is. She is getting so much more creative and figures things out so quickly. Gracie keeps us on our toes but loves life so much. She lives it to the FULLEST possible and takes us along for the ride. She is so wonderful, we love her to the ends of the earth.

Cutie pie cousins. They had so much fun at the museum together, and so did Livvy and I(Tracy). We are SO excited to welcome Maddies baby brother Cru into the world this week. We can't wait to have a little man around to balance out these girlies too:) Yay for baby boys!

Does this little peanut look like her daddy or what? SO stinkin cute and smiley. Too bad you can't see her new tooth. Yay for teeth!

This pic was when she was chewing on everyhting in sight waiting for that tooth to pop through. We are SO greatful that our girls are good teethers. A whole lot of chewing, drooling and sucking BUT not much fussing. And next thing you know- Teeth:)
We hope your March brings lots of joy and adventures. And certainly HEALTH- a shortage of this the past few months:) We will keep you updated on the joys of our March, starting with Cru's arrival in the next few days. Prayers for Lauren as she preps to bring this little man out to meet us all:)