Friday, December 12, 2008

Milestones Christmas Program

Sitting on poppas lap to enjoy the show.

Clapping for her friends who are singing their songs:)

Candy!!! What a great treat after her performance:)

Hooray! She was such a ham up on stage, we should have known:) She did all the motions and sang the words to her two songs. Her class sang one little, two little, three little reindeer and ring, ring, ring the bells :)

When she got onto the stage she yelled " Thats MY grandma!" and pointed to my mom, then she proceeded to tell the whole audience that her Poppas and her Meemaw where there also. How cute! No stage fright for this peanut:)

Gracie and her best friend Kate. These little girls bring lots of fun to Milestones older toddler room. According to their teacher they are always together- having fun or causing trouble:) If one of them is missing then the teachers can ask the other and they always have the answer as to where she is. What a fun memory as they get older:)


The Bibler's said...

How fun!!!! Good job, Gracie Rae!! We love you lots and lots!!