Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gracie update

Gracie is such a big girl now. She is learning so much and developing her sense of self more and more each day. She is a strong willed little girl who is always wanting to do it all on her own. She is such a loving, sweet girl as well. She is potty trained pretty well now and wears her big girl undies all the time. Occasional accidents here and there and sometimes she pees in her undies on purpose when she is mad at mommy and daddy. Who knew kids could manipulate parents so well at such an early age? She is 21 months old now and about 33 lbs. A big girl and tough as nails to boot. She loves playing with her cousins and spending time with her family. She likes to talk your ear off- for real! She talks like a champ, full sentences and about EVERYTHING know to man. She breaks out words that I can't believe sometimes and I don't even know where she learns it all. A genius for sure- do you think I am biased? We adore her and love watching her love on her little sis who she truly seems to enjoy at this point. We are so blessed with our girls!!


Travis & Kristi Catt said...

She looks so much like her mama! How fast they do grow!

So, I've started our blog again...I promise I will put effort into keeping it up now that I have something interesting to blog with preggos.