Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crazy Climber

So our crazy little nut is on the move ALL the time, and now she is obsessed with climbing. She is pretty good I must say but sometimes she bites foo more than she can chew. Oh well! That's waht growing up is all about. The above pic is her climbing on daddy while he was "taking a nap" and she is sitting on his head. What a silly goose. She keeps us on our toes for sure.
You give them an inche and they take a mile! Here is Gracie "playing" in the tupperware cupboard. She is allowed to play witht he tupperware. Little did mom know her plans were to empty the cupboard and climb into her new play house. She did get stuck at one point and scream "Help!"
Does that look like the face of a naughty little thing? Our crazy monkey is SO much fun these days and we are truly having a blast with all the new adventures. She has become quite the chatterbox, I have NO IDEA where she gets that from. She has taken to speaking in two and three word phrases already which blows my mind. But, I guess she's trying to keep up with momma. My favorite new phrase is when I give her something and she smiles at me and says "Thanks you, Momma". How sweet it is.
This was on a Saturday morning while momma was sleeping and Gracie had to show daddy her new trick. We are enjoying Gracie and looking forward to expanding our journey in August. Two weeks until we find out what this new peanut is!! And only three weeks till we are sunning ourselves on the beach in the Gulf. Alabama here we come!!!


Sean, Kelli,Jonah & Laney said...

Grace... you are such a fun little girl to be around, we love you to pieces.

Kris & Leanne said...

hahaa.... so funny!!!
what a nut.


Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

You have a LONG road ahead...;) She's so much fun. :D