Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miss Independent 2007

Our little sassy britches has decided to be even more independent these days.
Here she is in the full throws of a giggle fit while playing with mommy.
Her new position for watching her favorite show, Tigger and Pooh. She's like her mommy and Winnie the Pooh is her favorite cartoon character. It's the only thing on TV that will hold her attention for more than 2 minutes. Ha!
Here she shows off her moves on her feet. This is her push walker and Tuesday she pushed it around the house and ran into the bookshelf in the living room, she turned to find me so I could get it unstuck for her and I had a toy in my hand. I put the toy on the ottoman and stood up. She then decided she wanted the toy and took her first (5) steps to get it. I was so excited and she had no idea what she did. I clapped for her and she got excited and proceeded to dance. Oh the joys of parenting.
Gracie searches for her ball. "I swear it was here a minute ago"! I will keep you all posted on her new moves nd her walking skills as they improve. I really didn't think I'd have a walker on my hands at 9 months old... shows what I know huh.


Rob, Leticia, Madisyn & Landon said...

Wow! That's amazing :) I seriously remember seeing the big news of her being born and now she's already walking (or trying ;) ). What a wonderfully fun milestone!

By the way, she's getting cuter every day!

Chris, Ashley, and Skylar said...

Hey I can't believe she is walking!! Way to go Gracie! She is so stinkin' cute, we will have to get the girls together sometime to play:)

Kris & Leanne said...

next thing you know she'll be kickin' a football around.
See you this weekend!!!!

The Hall's said...

She looks so old! She's too cute!