Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Hope your Halloween is spooktacular! Hahaha! Gracie had her doctors appt today. What a trip, she is off the charts for her weight and her height is 99th percentile. She may need baby slim fast sometime but for now she is very well proportioned and she will be a big girl. Tall and solid! She weighs 24 lbs 4oz and is 31 inches tall. Crazy!
On another happy note, Marley is officially a Hosford. He is full of beans and super sweet. He loves Gracie but sometimes thinks she is another puppy when she crawls and he wants to play. He obeys pretty well for a puppy but we are working on training him better. He is house trained, sleeps well and is also crate trained. Over all a very good dog and we love him to bits. Stay tuned for much more about him and Gracie both as they grow up together. Loves!