Monday, May 14, 2007

Dedicated to God

So May 13th, 2007 was a very special day in our house. It was my first mother's day, my dad's 50th birthday, and the day we chose to dedicate our beautiful daughter to God. We believe that she is a gift we have been entitled to raise up in His image and that although we love her more than anything she is not ours, she belongs to God. We are committing to raise her in a Christian home and teaching her to the best of our ability to love and serve her Lord.
God bless you Gracie as you grow to know and love your Lord and bring Him all the glory of your life. We love you more than life and praise God for the gift of you.


Chris, Ashley, and Skylar said...

yeah Gracie, what a special day! Congratulations! Skylar would love to have a play date in the future too:) Let's see if we can work something out!

Kris & Leanne said...

how cool you two.
that's really awesome.
you guys make amazing parents.
my inspiration :o)
- L

The Bibler's said...

What a fun day that was! And you must have had a professional photographer take those pics...WOW!! ;)