Friday, December 29, 2006

Five days old already!

Well we can't believe how much she has grown. Well I guess not, she is only 6 lbs now but doing absolutely fantastic. She is sucha good little girl. We are counting our blesings and hoping she continues to be so mellow and happy. She has a routine now of eating great, checking things out for a few short minutes and the drifting off into the so called boob coma for a good few hours of sleep. Sometime in there she poops, pees and has a few burps- then she wakes up for the next round. She rarely cries but when she does she sounds like a little bird. Nights have been equally fabulous. We are getting plenty of rest and thank our lucky stars for it. She is greatly loved by everyone and the visits have been so wonderful. We just love finally having her here to share with the world.

This pic is of her first bath on Christmas night. She didn't mind it too much but when she got chilled she let us know with her little bird squeak. She loves when shes wrapped in her towel and has her hair washed. She just loves life in general at this point and we pray she continues to enjoy it all.


Anonymous said...

AAHHHH!! You are so cute I can't stand it! I love you so much, Miss Gracie! You have tremendous parents and two fabulous families that love and adore you more than words can say! I cannot wait to teach you so many all the different dog breeds, what animals are fun to watch at the Zoo, that domestic animals are family members too, etc. What fun for me! I love you!! ~Aunt KK