Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kellie Graduated!!!


Yahoo Kellie, she is officially a graduate of Paragon! Dan's sister has worked her tushy off for the last year and has finally accomplished her goal. We are so proud of her. She has a new career to look forward to. So any dog owners who are looking for the Queen groomer, here she is. She already has a job at Holiday kennel on Northland drive. She is, from personal experience, the champion of all groomers. So give her a call. Congrats again Kellie Hosford.

These pics are of Kellie and her beloved Tony, and then the proud brother and sister-in-law. What an accomplishment. Loves to you!


Anonymous said...

Kellie - you did it! Way to go girl! So happy for you. Congratulations!!!

Wendy C.

Anonymous said...

YAHOO KELLIE!! All that hard work finally paid off...we're SOOO proud of you!! Now down to business... can you cut my boys toenails and take care of Hooney's anal glands?? Thanks!