Monday, December 19, 2005

A Friendly Christmas

Well now that the holiday week is upon us I am posting about the treasure of my friends. It has been such a gift from God this week to have friends around. Aubrey home from Korea, Rhianon home from California, Andy and Sadie home from Florida Keys, and my best friend Jen home from St Louis. I have such a scattered group and I am sure that is Gods way of blessing the world because my friends are all true treasures and the world needs them more badly than I. I am embracing the fact that I have these treasures in my life in many different degrees. Some closer friends than others but all truly special and loved by me. I am so greatful that they remain in my life and then a few times throughout the year we are able to be in each others presence as well. What a gift. I will miss Nick and Alyssa dearly(in Washington state), as well as Tamara and Jamin(in China). However, we are together in spirit as usual. I love you friends.


Sadie said...

Tracy, you are so beautiful!!! Inside and out! It was so awesome to see everyone together... although there were a few missing, they are still with us in spirit. We are blessed. Forever friends are hard to come by. :) Merry Christmas Everyone!! You friends are some of they greatest gifts EVER!

Anonymous said...

Wow it is so good to hear about everyone back home in MI. I sure do miss everyone, tracy I so glad that you have had time to spend with my wife. It was nice to see some pictures of Sadie and Andy, two people that I have not seen in years. Mary Christmas!