Monday, November 28, 2005

What a weekend!!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all!!! I had to work for the holiday and Fri, Sat, Sun. So therefore, no time to post on the blog. Excuses over, Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. So sad and sorry that it's back to the norm workweek now. Oh well. Many good things happened over the weekend. Rockford Football won the state championship. Congrats Rams! Thats Back to Back, excellent. Grand Valley managed to beat Sag Valley, and so they are one game away from another National Championship showdown. Dan's already making his travel plans to Florence, AL. Good luck to the Lakers this weekend. They play some East Strousberg??? I don't know. Well we will get the play by play while we relax up in Gaylord with the gracious and hospitable Catts. We are having a time of Chirstmas celebration with them. How fun. Had fun at the Davis home on Sat night with the boys. Never knew Catch phrase could be so much fun. Thanks to Brad and the boys for a fun night out. We missed you Jenn and Sara. Will post more later in the week. Loves and hugs.